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PUSH TURN MOVE looks at how people interact with electronic musical instruments.

An acoustic instrument like a piano or a guitar has a certain shape because it has to – if it were made outside certain rules of design, it could not make sound. But electronic instruments do not need to follow those rules. They can look like anything and sound like anything… but this leads to a deep question: When instruments can be built with literally any shape or function, how do we decide the best way for humans to use them?


PUSH TURN MOVE dives into the history, present, and future of electronic music machines from synthesizers and controllers to DJ decks and mixers. It began life in 2017 as a beautiful illustrated book, a creation of Danish author Kim Bjørn with a foreword by famed musician Jean-Michel Jarre and contributions from many instrument designers and musicians. In the two years since its release, thousands of copies of PUSH TURN MOVE have found their way into studios, sound design labs, and art galleries around the world.

Now, PUSH TURN MOVE comes to you as an interactive hand-on exhibition. Meet author Kim Bjørn and play with some of these remarkable instruments, and have fun learning about ideas that we usually don’t think about in our daily lives.


How can a user interface encourage creativity? What makes a design feel more or less musical? What attracts the beginner, what interests the advanced player… and why do we worry about something as simple as the push of a fader, the turn of a knob, or the move of a joystick?




30.10.19 — 30.11.19

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