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Helmo is a graphic design duo, composed of Thomas Couderc (born in 1977) and Clement Vauchez (born in 1978). Headquartered in Montreuil since 2003, they design posters, visual identities, books and fonts, and often collaborate with photographers, designers and craftsmen to break down the boundaries of graphic design and build an original language.  Working primarily for clients in the world of culture​ ​(Palais de Tokyo, Gaîté Lyrique, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Fondation Cartier ​/ Paris, Lieu Unique ​/​ Nantes, for instance), Helmo’s work often revolves around the notions of variation, mutation, combination and randomness, enriched by a strong focus on production processes and the dissemination of images.

Stratigraphie is Helmo’s permanent graphic and plastic device. With no regular schedule, the two designers take their most recent large-format posters to the Lézard Graphique screen-printing workshop in Strasbourg, and cover their work with new shapes and layers of ink, comments, diversion and destruction. At the crossroads between planned and random, each iteration reactivates the old by contrasting it with the new, questions the ephemeral nature of posters, and contributes to inventing a new visual language.​ The Turin exhibition is the fourth episode of the Stratigraphie project, after those held in Nancy (2012), Strasbourg (2013) and Le Havre (2014).

5.12.18 — 6.01.19

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