Fabulous Failures
curated by
Erik Kessels

with the collaboration of
Camera – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia

Errors are scary, but not here in the world of Kessels. After years of research, cataloguing and publication, the artist is added to the design of a fragmented constellation, a centrifuge of involuntary lyricism which shatters the boredom of juxtaposed photography like a bull in a china shop.

Facing this exhibition we have to deal with a puzzle box which has just been opened but which we cannot put back together. It shall be our eyes which restart the synapses and bonds between the single problematic, erroneous and vagabond elements.

In Kessels, photography bows poetically to the image and it is in this act that it inhabits its uniqueness. We are talking about a certain visual spontaneity which calls for an obsessive procedure: the optical assembly of the casual and the just occurred. A land where errors are not a problem, they are something which gives life to everything and Fabulous Failures is one of the infinite number of rivulets of this stream, it’s one of the hundreds of examples of proof that harmony can exist without control.

June 23rd through July 21st, 2017
10am — 7pm

Sat — Sun: by appointment
Via Reggio 13

+39 011 2478375
TEXT Achille Filipponi
Installation created for the occasion of the exhibition The Many Lives of Erik Kessels
curated by Francesco Zanot

@ CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia
Via delle Rosine 18, Torino  |  www.camera.to
PHOTO Edoardo Piva
VIDEO Giuliano Girelli