Be my cover
curated by
Roberto Maria Clemente with Fabrizio La Rocca

with the collaborations of
Paolo Berra, Marta Della Giustina, Sara Maragotto, Giuliano Tedesco 

exhibit settings by
Archicura / WNA

To dress a book is a meticulous craft, the art of a well-defined field of graphic designers. Chip Kidd, one of today’s best-known book cover designers, has worked for almost 30 years at Random House, the American world-renowned publisher, which combining forces since 2013 with Penguin, the historic English brand, have together formed the world’s largest publisher, Penguin Random House, a galaxy of over 200 imprints.
Book covers are more customary graphic objects than many other applications of design. Acting within the cultural and visual communication of its time, book cover design’s quality contributes to the definition of our present-day society, besides being a practical instrument of commerce. This exhibit is a curated selection of the best among thousands of book covers designed, commissioned, and produced every year by Penguin Random House worldwide through its publishing houses. Many among them maintain a healthy tradition of care towards elegance and innovative design for they published covers and jackets.

Our selection gathers book covers published worldwide within the past ten years by 15 imprints from Penguin Random House. This work has been created, or art directed, by 20 designers straddling the Atlantic, between the United States and the United Kingdom with names like Chip Kidd, Peter Mendelsund, Oliver Munday, Paul Buckley, Suzanne Dean, Jim Stoddart, David Pearson, and Coralie Brickford-Smith. They are all professionals who currently work, or have worked, within the publishing groups’ art departments. They are joined by other famous colleagues like Jonathan Barnbrook and Alex Trochut, or by design collaborations from other creative fields like those with with Timourous Beasties and Aino-Maija Metsola.
Like in all enlightened families, they have been invited to the House.
The exhibit will be held as an off-fair event in conjunction with the annual Salone del Libro of Turin, Italy’s oldest and most established book fair.

May 18th through June 8th, 2017
10am – 7pm

2nd  june : closed
3rd + 4th june : by appointment
Via Reggio 13

+39 011 2478375
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PHOTO Edoardo Piva